About Faces of Duvall

Hello and welcome to Faces of Duvall!

This blog is a work in progress photo documentary about the people and businesses that make Duvall, Washington, one of Washington’s favorite hillside communities.

Here’s a little history of Duvall WA.

Here, you’ll find photo documentaries in the form of a “Day in the Life” of all the businesses that make Duvall. From bakeries to florists to schools and restaurants, we want to introduce you to the people behind these small businesses and to get to know them.

Duvall is not only a picturesque hillside community but a great place to raise families, retire and even run a thriving business! My kids love it here and have sworn they’d never want to move (crossing all fingers and toes!).

So sit back and enjoy our stories here at Faces of Duvall and we hope you will visit us one day soon!

About the author and photographer

Jennifer Tai

My name is Jennifer Tai and I’m a Duvall (where else!) based photographer and writer. In my day job, I photograph weddings and families, a career I’ve been whittling at since 2008.

In my past life, I was a writer and journalist in Malaysia for 12 years. I reported for some local IT and business magazines, and literally played video games for a living! I wrote for magazines like PC World and Computer World, CNET Asia and our Malaysian national newspaper, The Star.

These days, other than documenting weddings and for Faces of Duvall, I can be found holding court at our household of five: my two daughters, husband and a tiny little Havanese named Tumble.

Want to be profiled for Faces of Duvall?

I’d love to document you if you work AND live in Duvall WA!

Here are a few things to know about being featured on this blog:

• What and how: The profiles here are written and photographed “A Day in the Life” style. This means you will be shadowed anywhere from 5-8 hours from the moment your business opens its doors and hopefully until end of day. You’ll have to be okay with that. It also means that there is no staging needed, no having to clean up or be perfect. This is a picture documentary. It doesn’t mean you can’t put your best face forward! I also like to focus the stories around the person or persons behind a business, providing the “face” in Faces of Duvall, which is what I believe really makes our town what it is. You will be asked to share quite a bit about yourself, so be prepared!

• What you get: Publicity and some portraits you might like of your staff to be used for marketing and such. A model and property release will need to be signed by anyone participating in this project.

• Timeline: I am currently accepting requests for February 2016 onwards (2015 is fully booked!). Since I am a full-time wedding and family photographer, spring-summer is my busiest time. As such, I can document one business per month from April to September, and we will resume to two or three a month from October onwards.

If this might be something you are interested in, I’d love to hear from you! Please use the following contact form to get in touch.

Thanks again for visiting and enjoy the blog!

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